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Working In The Entertainment Industry Has Its Perks


16 thoughts on “Working In The Entertainment Industry Has Its Perks”

  1. Cowering in fear from words. Good.

    We know.

    You make it far too easy to expose your lies.

    And now your entire future belongs to us.


  2. Which industry do you work in? Please post a check stub or any kind of proof you have ever been paid by this industry, whichever one it is.

    Anyone who “works in the industry” can prove it with an employee I.D. or their name on the company website, or something that easily shows where they work or worked in the past.

    Where is your proof?


    1. Easy. Just call Alex Hwang on the phone. He’ll also not provide anything resembling proof.

      How stupid does Matt think people are? He’s probably one of the dumbest conmen too walk this planet.


  3. All Matt will do to “prove” he works in an unnamed industry is post the same Youtube video of a Jordan Rudess video he was never paid to make and has no other distribution or use other than on Youtube. It is essentially a home video he posted and he pretends it is professional even though he was never hired or given any money.

    And even worse, Matt thinks he can fool a reporter with such obvious, silly lies. I hope he understands that just because he operates at a high school drop out level of comprehension that most people are smarter than that.


    1. Watch out everyone, Alex Hwang confirmed it all. They called his google voice number Matt set up and then Alex just said the same things as Matt. That’s confirmation, right? No need to have facts or other verification. Just trust them! They are telling the truth and no journalists need to verify pesky facts with confirmation.

      Matt, you ain’t too smart.


  4. You guys are too mean. Matt works in the entertainment industry. He’s been entertaining me with his hilarious posts trying to pretend he’s famous for at least 2 years now.


    1. How did that lawsuit against Adobe go? We couldn’t find any filings for your case.

      LOL ๐Ÿ˜‰


      1. Matt has pending litigation. It’s pending his sanity being restored before trials in his fantasy land.


  5. If you suckholes can’t handle me modifying your replies, then get the fuck off my blog.


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