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That Time I Met Phil Collen From Def Leppard



15 thoughts on “That Time I Met Phil Collen From Def Leppard”

  1. You met a star at an airport and got a picture.This does not separate you from all the other fan boys at LAX. Matthew Berdyck tries to say this is proof Matt is famous too.


  2. I am so jealous. I almost met someone famous in a men’s room in the Atlanta airport. Then again, I have a life and don’t mistakenly think anyone cares if I’ve met a rockstar before.


    1. I wish I could be Matt. I don’t ever want to see my kids or have friends or a life.


  3. Matt is such a celebrity he has to show the same pictures from 2014 and does not have any new pictures. That’s deep. No new pictures with any celebs means the few he had met want nothing to do with him. Clear as day.


    1. Matt is the most insecure baby on the internet. I cannot believe he is a man in his forties. When someone gets this desperate to appear legitimate they resort the name dropping in the most obvious ways, they really show how pathetic and stupid they are. Matt is really insecure and stupid.


    1. Sure looks like the community is Des Moines does not support Matt or his bullshit story. Probably because the entire community in Des Moines does not support Matt or his bullshit story. Not the chief, not the press, not a single person.


      1. Guys, we need to back down or else Matt will release footage of texts he had with a guy who is not Lars. Seriously, this is getting dangerous. We might get embarrassed for saying Matt had no communications with Lars when he has footage that may get released showing he had no communication with Lars.

        Matt’s really giving retards a bad name here. It’s shameful. There have to be some fucktards that might be dumber than Matt. I just don’t know that they exist.



  4. Fool. Do you think you have accomplished anything by getting some wordpress sites taken down? All we will do is create a hundred more. They will never stop. You are just making this harder on yourself.


  5. How’s that Director’s Cut of the Youtube video Blame Reagan coming?

    Is the film re-colored? Did the previously deleted section of the film get restored ? Where’s the short interview narrative added to the beginning of the film? No one can hear the added sound track elements. I don’t think you did the full re-edit and re-order of certain scenes or add the new titles. And a 10 minute update film which will run after the credits sounds like hard work and you avoid anything that resembles work.

    You said you were working on it in January. Not sure of the release date and it’s now 6 months later with no progress.

    You have a track record of starting projects and never ever finishing them. I think it’s because you are a liar that does not realize he’s a total liar. Lawyers ignore you because you lie. The media and the police are unafraid of your threats because they are meaningless. You have a proven track record of doing nothing and finishing nothing.

    And it’s all cause to celebrate your defeat again.


      1. Seems like none of your projects ever get released. LOL

        Your book, your album, the single, the short film, the feature films. Nothing ever comes out.

        You lie too much boy. Your daddy said you were a lazy son of a whore and he was right.


  6. If you won’t play fair then neither will I. I will change your comments or make up accounts just to make you look as bad as you have made me look.

    Everybody on the planet will know that Matthew Berdyck is important.


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