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The View From 30,000 Feet

Flew back to Cali yesterday to work on my movie.


10 thoughts on “The View From 30,000 Feet”

  1. Wesley Tower is not safe for you anymore. We let Larry know the address and he’s contacting your family to let them know that you might visit them soon. A world of hurt awaits you where ever you go.

    You will start to feel the walls closing in soon. We’ve also been talking to the police in Des Moines, comparing our evidence to yours. You have not presented any. All you say is call Alex Hwang and talk. We’re providing documentation, witnesses, police reports, which the real police can verify is all you.

    Your charade is over. All you had to do was file a police report and you didn’t. You won’t.

    We control every part of your life. You can deny it all you want. We own that tiny scrap of a soul you have left.


    1. Matt and Alex are like Luke, Han, Leia, and Chewbacca trapped inside the garbage compactor of the Death Star. The only difference is that there’s no R2-D2 to shut down all trash compactors on the detention level.


    2. Matt stayed with his grandmother and it got pretty rough. Alex came back and started giving him money, according to Steve Menser.


  2. He’s not headed back to California. He’d have to leave that white piece of shit on the other side of the country.


  3. It has to suck when the police confirm they are not going to help Matt or do his bidding. One thousand shares and no one cares. So sad for him to LOSE and LOSE BIG and so publicly. We tried to tell him. We told him the entire time that nothing would happen, that the police would ignore him and his causes. So will the media. It’s all over. We WON and Matt LOST.

    Is it that he is too dumb to realize how much better we are at all this? Does he not recognize that the game is rigged in our favor?

    We can even write this out here, admitting to all of it and no one gives a shit. We are so arrogant and sure we will not be caught because we cannot be punished. Our Internet Vigilante Super Group is above the law.

    And we have unlimited power and resources. We just defeated the bad guy again. And we always will.


  4. There is no movie. Never will be. None of Matt’s projects ever materialize because he is a lazy, fat, untalented bum.


    1. That’s only what his father, mother, sister, kids, and family say. Just listen to Alex Hwang, just wait for him to get Matt’s dick out of his mouth first.


    1. Matt just stepped in it bad. Now he’s going to get another sheriff on the hunt for him to appear in court in the Jennifer McDonald case. And the judge has already been sent his Facebook posts on all of his pages as evidence that he is aware of the case. Good thing we hooked her up with other prosecutor’s that know Matt’s little games about being served.



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