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Thankfully None Of My Ex’s Live In Texas

Chilling, hot as fuck, in Dallas, Texas.


13 thoughts on “Thankfully None Of My Ex’s Live In Texas”

      1. Name of film, name of company, locations for the shoot, any names of anyone involved in the film.

        TOTAL BULLSHIT. Even the most arrogant, shitty filmmaker can name something about the movie they are working on if they are really working on a movie.

        are you working on a movie?

        No. You are not working on a movie.


      2. Look everybody! Matt is posting an out of context post from the corrupt EPA and wants everyone to listen to the same organization he claims is corrupt and lying to citizens.

        Which is it? Is the EPA corrupt or not? Why not post results of your own testing? Where are the links to independent studies and the legitimacy of those studies?

        Sorry. Totally forgot you are a fraud. You don’t have any of that.

        This is why the Register is ignoring. That and you are stalking them.


      3. Actually, as the city is aware, SuperfundResearch.org just applied for a citizen investigative grant, a program where the US EPA provides $50,000 grants to citizens, to hire scientists for independent investigations. Also, there’s a suit being filed in federal court, from a firm in DC, asking a federal judge to shut down the development. That trip to DC was fruitful, and believe me, you’re losing. Your own ego prevents you from admitting this, so you can lob any attack you want, and it won’t stop this train from rolling. Money equals power.


      4. One cannot “stalk” a newspaper. Register is a very large media outlet. Not everyone there likes the editor. Politics. This ain’t front royal. You’re sealing your own fate and playing right into our trap. Now be a good little doggy and go fetch my slippers like the bitch you are.


  1. Your backstory is a fantasy. No one cares. No one ever will.

    They don’t care about your proof. No one wants to see it. It’s far too late for any of that. Show them this post. Show them all of the posts. Show them your hard drive. No one will listen, no one will look, and no one will care about you. Effectively, you are left of the streets again. Spend that money. It did not buy you respectability, nor did it help you win any battles. You lost big time and everyone sees it. The police know it, the press knows it. You’re weak. You are never going to be taken seriously.

    Our team is stronger than you will ever be. No amount of money can change that. Kick and scream like a baby all you want. We’re laughing at you literally at this moment with the chief and the writers every time you send another email. You aren’t numb, you’re DUMB.


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