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6/2/2018 Stayed In A Twenty Million Dollar Hollywood Mansion Last Night


7 thoughts on “6/2/2018 Stayed In A Twenty Million Dollar Hollywood Mansion Last Night”

    1. Doesn’t matter what people think. It matters what the people inside that house think. Court of public opinion can say what it wants and that still won’t change the fact that you can’t stop this train from rolling.


      1. We already have. This will all disappear soon enough. We just want you to taste how close it all was before we take it away from you.

        You will suffer and you will weep like a little girl with spilled ice cream in the future when we determine it to be.


  1. Few things make me laugh harder than seeing this poverty-stricken fat loser con artist pretending to be rich.


    1. Nothing makes me laugh harder than watching you laugh to yourself about the deranged fantasy world you’ve created to justify your existence along with rich people learning I’m as rich as I say I am.


  2. Hey Troutman, Matt can pick you up in any of Alex’s cars. Know who else drives nice cars? Drug dealers. Mafia members. Degenerate gamblers. Rapists.

    The BMW or Land Rover does not equate to legitimacy. It’s one of the stupid mistakes that criminals make that gets them caught when they conflate the two. Guess you aren’t very smart.

    And nothing you demonstrate has been legitimate. That’s why you fail.


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