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6/3/2018 Rocking A Brand New Convertible Mustang Down The PCH

Producer I’m working with just handed me the keys to his brand new convertible Mustang and said, “Go ahead. Take it.”



12 thoughts on “6/3/2018 Rocking A Brand New Convertible Mustang Down The PCH”

  1. Looks like a rental car to me. Trying to pawn off your rental as a producer’s car? LOL


      1. To state that empirically, you should be able to provide documentation from Hertz to back up your claims. This may conflict with video footage that is published of the producer and I riding in the car together.


  2. You have provided no such video footage, so you are clearly the liar.

    Do you think the officer you lied about is going to take all this lying down? He’s talking to Diane about a story now. Erin is going to represent him and Marjorie is going to publish a book about the incident and your psychosis. Peter is going to make a documentary about all of us. You are fucked.


    1. It’s already been proven that he’s touting his Hertz car like someone famous loaned it to him. Matt admitted to this on his Facebook page.


      1. Must drive you even more mad that you ARE the reason it’s all happening. Career advice: piss off MB Victim Services. They’ll make you rich and famous.


  3. We have successfully demolished Matt’s campaign in dozens of cities. Severing him from any kind of support system by showing people that he severed all his relationships himself. Matt seems to think it is our fault he says and does things that make it so easy to show he is an imbalanced sociopath that lies a lot.


  4. We have admitted to everything publicly. So what? Sue us. Just try to. You will never get the chance. You will never file a lawsuit in court. You won’t even be able to keep your attorney.


    1. I think we need to take this up a few notches. We’ve gone too easy on this whole thing in the past few days. We need to recruit by proxy a few more people to help out. Our useful idiots will do our bidding and be unwitting participants in our plan.

      Watch us admit to it all and no one will care. In fact, they will still help us even when the truth is out that we are manipulating them all. They won’t care. They will hate Matt anyway solely based on us telling them to.

      That’s why we are powerful and Matt is so weak. We are getting away with everything you accuse us of and even a therapist will tell you none of this is true and you need help.

      We know the truth. Now get in that car and run away. They are on to you.


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