Chilling In Cali, Enjoying My Success


15 thoughts on “Chilling In Cali, Enjoying My Success”

      1. I guess the question has always been why do you think I care? That’s all we really want to know. So you’re making fun of me. Since when has that ever mattered.


      2. I guess you make it obvious since you mention us in your live videos. We are all laughing at you and what a failure you are.


  1. No success to be had. Just a nobody with no notable film credits, musical releases, environmental activism, or homelessness activism.


      1. Matthew Berdyck is a liar and now the media has all the truth they need to continue ignoring him. He has no way out of this now. We gave him every opportunity to beg for mercy and walk away. Now the war goes to another level in a few months time.


    1. I know you are powerless. It’s why you have to beg the Des Moines Register to cover you in their paper and that you kick and scream when they don’t. It’s causes people to laugh at you on Twitter. A lot.

      You cannot bully them into doing a story about you and they already investigated and called the EPA. After some tips on talking to Alisa Walton, your history of psychotic outbursts with the EPA has been made clear to them.

      See what happens when journalists get together? We do a lot of good work and share resources and information. Who cares if it’s true or not? We took out the bad guy.


  2. Where’s your lawyers at? We want to get some updated information and collect our commission from them. They will take your money and never file suit, not for defamation not for anything. We will get them to use up tens of thousands of dollars and they will pay us a percentage.

    Life is not fair. We’re hear to make sure that you spend that money, like you are right now driving your ass off across the country, hiding out like a criminal. Are you a criminal?

    We’re enjoying this so much. You are acting like a victim. A victim of what? An internet truth campaign, people posting your own emails and public posts is not victimizing anyone and it does not qualify as defamation.

    You are too funny even though you never worked as a writer at Cartoon Network.


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