6/10/2018 Went And Saw ‘Solo’ With My Son


8 thoughts on “6/10/2018 Went And Saw ‘Solo’ With My Son”

  1. You know he’s only trying to play the long game, get to some of the cash he feels you owe him for abandoning your family all those years ago.

    And your son does not ever feel the problem was that you were too smart. He knows better. You keep using the brain you have and the problem is that it is clearly broken and small. You cannot win any kind of award because you are a con man and everyone sees it.

    The police never called you a hero. We confirmed that.


    1. My son doesn’t get any cash from me. He’s done very well for himself.

      And yes, the police called me a hero. Absolutely. And now they’re calling me a bigger hero for exposing that Superfund site and protecting people.


  2. That poor poor kid. Knowing that his dad only took a picture with him to win an online argument. Sebastian knows his dad never loved him and still doesn’t.


    1. Adam and Marc are now talking.

      When you try to present these replies to the police or to the court, you will find none of it is admissible. They will all call you crazy. The psyche evaluation will be a hilarious spewing of your conspiracy theories and we will all lie under oath and protect each other just to see your activism career be burned to the ground.

      And it never once occurs to you that we are lying now? You accuse us of lying all the time, even minutes ago, and you expect anyone to believe us when we say what you think is happening? You discredited these replies yourself.

      We win. We always win and you have lost huge. And now you are viewed as the most psychotic stalker to ever contact the Des Moines Register. Did we do that? Or was it the hundred of emails and tweets sent by Matt himself?

      No one will ever believe you when you try to blame us. And that is good. Heroes always win the day and you being the bad guy will lose again and again.


      1. Making them think Matt’s crazy is the best part. It’s so easy to catch corruption with you in his life. You’re a gift to the art of exposing corrupt people.


      2. Also what makes you think I would be afraid of a psych evaluation?

        Does that work on your victims?

        I can see it now, a psychiatrist meets me, sees I’m a normal stable human being, notes that I’m very rich, looks at my texts from producers, scientists, etc. Notes that I’m exceptionally well groomed, and even have a high credit score, sees your actions, and becomes modestly disturbed at what he’s witnessing. He gets out a big rubber stamp, hits the paper with “not crazy,” and then writes a report stating that I do not suffer from schizophrenia, that I’m a stalking victim, and then assists me with filing police reports, and later testified on my behalf.

        I foresee them wanting to look at my old mental health records, where they’ll find no allegations of schizophrenia, and reports from my old therapist which detail out various forms of abuse from my ex, and one statement, previously admittted into court, on the stand, hilariously, “Matt is actually the most sane patient I’ve ever had, who’s got family that portray him as something he’s not, for their own ends, especially his ex.”

        A psych evaluation would also cause litigation against the city.

        In reality, where I actually live, the city knows you’re an anarchist group that is invading their town and manipulating people, for political reasons. They know what you’re up to, they know your game, they know you’ll betray them as you did the Register. They know that your agenda is not the health of the citizens, but to cause civil unrest just to destroy Matthew Berdyck.

        You can’t win. Des Moines was a very poor choice for you. It’s your end. Abd it’s my home, and I’m not leaving.



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