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6/12/2018 Random Road Selfie


13 thoughts on “6/12/2018 Random Road Selfie”

      1. Track away. You’ve managed to push the situation in Des Moines into litigation, through no doing of my own. I have no choice but to take the matter into court. The Des Moines police also now have no choice but to investigate. Dip shit.


      2. What are you going to do when you realize that they aren’t going to do anything at all?

        Please say you will write a nasty blog on your activism page and then use Alex’s money to promote it on Facebook! That always turns out so well for you. You never look like a psychotic rambler and no one ever makes fun of your poor writing skills and obviously dubious credentials.


      3. It’s simple. The pending litigation in Des Moines will resolve that. You dragged like 20 people into your madness and now they’re all going to show up in court waving around your inadmissible bullshit. I’m not leaving Iowa. I’ve been in Iowa for a long time, including when you committed a felony by hacking my website while leaving a very large digital footprint in the process. Apparently, you missed out on this big business deal that’s already happened, contracts signed, delivery date pending. And it’s all thanks to Diane Dimond, the woman who wrote an article that opened all the doors. Hollywood and DC are smugly laughing at you right now, as well as central Iowa and parties in Texas and Ohio. The battle stays in Iowa. The showdown will be in Iowa and after this happens, when there’s court records, then Jayne gets dealt with publicly in the media. You hung yourselves with your own predictability.


      4. Continue with litigation against multiple parties in Des Moines and watch them slowly realize that nothing they’re holding as evidence is admissible in a court of law and then collect a very large settlement as the judge orders the local prosecutor to launch an investigation while continuing to to gain assistance from other media outlets in Iowa that hate the Register?


      5. None of that will happen. We know where you really are.

        Pending litigation means there is a case number, idiot. What is the case number? Which circuit court? Who are the lawyers representing you?

        You are nothing. Not even a bad joke. We still laugh at you all the time because you are so pathetic and do such pathetic things like lie. You are as transparent as a glass of water and everyone sees through you. Even your alleged friends. They tolerate your lies because they can get a few free drinks to listen to you brag about your fake career.


  1. You have not hired a lawyer yet and you’re trying to say the lawsuit is pending?

    Just how stupid are you? You’re threatening people and throwing around legal terms that you clearly have no clue what they mean, trying to sound tough. You sound like a moron, just a blithering moron.

    No wonder all the attorneys are laughing at you right now. You’re making such a fool of yourself and we are dying with snickering and giggles.

    You must like it. You must like being viewed as a pompous moron every where you go. That has to be it. You enjoy being laughed at, like a clown, a big fat unshaven clown in a brown blazer. Why else would you keep trying to hard to be stupid in such a public way? Youre inviting the media, law enforcement and attorney’s to look at how dumb your actions are. There are mentally challenged kids that aren’t this clueless.

    You are the most unintentionally hilarious assclown to ever get online.


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