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6/15/2018 At Del Friscos DC With My Dear Friends Teraq Salahi And Lisa Spoden

Teraq Salahi is the infamous White House Gate crasher.


5 thoughts on “6/15/2018 At Del Friscos DC With My Dear Friends Teraq Salahi And Lisa Spoden”

  1. Haven’t you figured out that we are obsessed with your clothes and your hot dogs. This is why we stole it and had our investigator put it back just to mess with your head. If you look under the passenger seat, you’ll see we put a piece of the hot dog back there too, along with some drugs we planted.

    Be sure to tell the state troopers on your way back west that we did it and show them your blogs. That won’t make you look like a paranoid schizophrenic. No way it will prove that they need to do a cavity search. And we probably should not keep making calls with anonymous tips with your license plates making it more likely they will find you.


    1. Do not forget about our obsession with breaking into cars and driving them around the block. We were so jealous of Matt’s riches we just had to risk grand theft auto charges just to take a quick spin in the BMW around the neighborhood, if you can call that shit hole mountain area a neighborhood.

      And we can admit to all that and Joe taking a shit on Matt’s porch and the police will never lift a finger against us. That is how this works. We campaign, we win, and Matt is powerless.


      1. They will never investigate us. We can commit any crime we want and get away with it including hate crimes. It’s all true and there’s no one who will even impede our work of stopping your campaigns.

        Mr. Troutman has already investigated you. He has determined you are a fraud and a dangerous, threatening person. You are making your side of the story crystal clear from your tweets and emails. What else does he need?



      2. The media left Matt to die again! They keep doing that every year in every city.

        Your pathetic attempt to guilt people into giving you press has failed again and will always fail. Here’s why dipshit, you are posting images of you eating $300 steaks and buying $6,000 in jewelry. The media is leaving you to pretend you are rich and find these two things contradictory.

        And your entire story is bullshit.


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