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6/15/2018 Tomahawk Wagyu At Del Friscos In DC


7 thoughts on “6/15/2018 Tomahawk Wagyu At Del Friscos In DC”

  1. Some people say that large rocks represent responsibility. Like the responsibility of a man to own up to his own words and actions. Placing one in the way, like in a drive way would be a metaphor for the amount of guilt he should feel for doing bad things to others.

    If the rock in your driveway was inconvenient then it means you are being quite a pest and will be shown what it means to be bothered.

    And no one would believe a crazy person like Matt even if we admitted to doing something like that at his house he rented in North Carolina. Not one person.



      1. At some point soon you will work it out in your simple mind that no matter what we do, nothing will happen to us. Not a damn thing. There is no litigation. You cannot even hire a lawyer. All that money and no one likes you enough to want to lift so much as a finger to help you.

        We win, you lose. This is how the rest of your long life is going to be. And we will always be there to remind the world about what you have said and done in the past.

        Rocks, T-shirts, and unplugging and all.


      2. And you’ve never broken any cyberstalking laws? ROTFL

        Erin Brokovich might disagree. Jayne and Diane might disagree.


  2. I am sure they will show up in court. You won’t. Too scared. Too afraid. Too weak.

    Can’t hire an attorney for more than a week? I wonder why that is. Our campaigns are very successful. We can prevent you from getting police services any time we want. We can snap our fingers and stop them from helping you.


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