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6/17/2018 Fathers Day With My Son


7 thoughts on “6/17/2018 Fathers Day With My Son”

  1. How sweet. Sebastian can see you right before a law firm laughs you out their door in Des Moines.

    There is a high likelihood the firm might call the police before the interview even starts. We’ve been sharing all kinds of new data and video of you to them. Your latest rants on Facebook live show that you are nuttier than a chipmunks cheeks.

    Why wouldn’t the police expect a psyche evaluation? Your ideas are crazy. What you think is happening to you is crazy. Everyone is witnessing it and laughing at you without helping you even a little bit.


  2. Will definitely be keeping a close eye on this one in the future. Sebastian could have scamming and pathological lying genes passed on from his father.


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