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3/31/2018 Cruising The Bay Area In My New BMW

Now I have TWO BMW’s and a Land Rover.  This one, though, good lord it’s faster than the first one!


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Recipe: How To Make Tacos Campechanos

I love to cook.  When I get into a hotel room with a cooking surface, I skip the restaurant and go right to Tacos Campechanos, a dish I discovered at La Parilla in downtown LA, but haven’t found anywhere else in the country.

Basically, it’s the Mexican equivalent of American leftovers, and is generally made with two or three types of meat, turned into taco filling.

It can be made of any meat but like La Parilla, I use carne asada and chorizo.  Here are the ingredients you’ll need:


The instructions are simple.  Cook the diced up half a habanero with the asada. In a second pan, cook the chorizo.  When both are done, mix together, and add a couple of splashes of red enchilada sauce.

Heat up a couple of corn tortillas, put on a scoop of meat, add onion, cilantro, and lime, until it all looks like this:


Enjoy, and remember, if you got the recipe from me, it’s bomb.

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Scored A Dream Theater’s John Petrucci Signature Music Man Guitar

John Peterucci is the guitarist from two time Grammy Nominated Dream Theater, or one of the best guitarists in the planet.

This has been my dream guitar for many years and today I bought it.  I guess you could you call that lifting shadows off a dream, right?


Be sure to buy the latest Dream Theater album, The Astonishing, an album that all true Dream Theater fans love, and you’ll love it too, just like I love this guitar.

Act now.

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I Also Like To Buy Guitars And Record Music While I’m Traveling

White Ibanez Jem Jr. for recording guitar solos.


ESP LTD James Hetfield signature w/ EMG Het Set pickups, for recording rhythm guitars.


ESP LTD six string bass


One Gallon WD-40 “Canjo” slide guitar


Gibson SG


Basically, I can only travel until I fill my car completely up with guitars. Then, I have to go home, where I have most of the  following, sans the Les Paul and Master of Puppets guitar, which are soon being replaced.


Needless to say, when I get home I have my own recording studio, so I can do full productions of the songs I’ve demoed on the road.

This is what recording guitars in a hotel shower looks like.


So all of this travel isn’t pointless.  There’s a large thread of the active creation of various types of art, while I’m exploring the county, being newly inspired everywhere I go.

Travel is my muse.