2018, Food, Steak

3/8/2018 Jake’s Steak House In Tehachapi, California

A waypoint headed into Northern California, from Vegas, on the edge of the mountainous high desert, Jake’s Steak House delivers the goods.


2018, Food, Steak

2/27/2018 Elway’s Steak House In Denver, Colorado

Owned by famed Denver Bronco QB, John Elway, Elway’s is definitely a must try on any steak lover’s journey for perfection.  Thirty day wet aged, Salamander prepared, fresh cut, its like Ruth’s Chris without the pat of butter resting under the steak.


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12/30/2017 ‘Broken Bit’ In Quartz Hill, California

Last week I was staying at a hotel where Matthew McConaughey was staying and he came back raving about ‘Broken Bit.’  I figured I’d go check it out.


I got a 24 ounce Cowboy Ribeye, with my choice of cut. Bill was $131, with tip.


My three word review: Alright Alright Alright!

2017, Celebrities, Food, Steak

02/08/2017 “Never Doubt A Duvall When They Give You A Dinner Recommendation.”

My friend, John Duvall, is actors Robert and Shelley Duvall’s cousin. John recommended the Ashby Inn, in Paris, Virginia, an amazing five course, or one of the best meals I’ve ever had.


While we were there, the waiter asked,  “Might I ask who recommended our restaurant to you?”  I said, “John Duvall.”  Suddenly, we had three waiters.  Each course, from the opening potato soup, to a spoon of something I’m apparently not refined enough to know what it was, was unbelievable.


The closing course was a piece of the most amazing 60 day dry aged cuts of meat I ever ate in my life.  It might not seem like much food, but by the end of this little journey, you end up stuffed with food.


The next day, I texted John and said, “Holy shit dude, that was the best thing I ever ate,” and he responded, “Never doubt a Duvall when they give you a dinner recommendation.”