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Recipe: How To Make Tacos Campechanos

I love to cook.  When I get into a hotel room with a cooking surface, I skip the restaurant and go right to Tacos Campechanos, a dish I discovered at La Parilla in downtown LA, but haven’t found anywhere else in the country.

Basically, it’s the Mexican equivalent of American leftovers, and is generally made with two or three types of meat, turned into taco filling.

It can be made of any meat but like La Parilla, I use carne asada and chorizo.  Here are the ingredients you’ll need:


The instructions are simple.  Cook the diced up half a habanero with the asada. In a second pan, cook the chorizo.  When both are done, mix together, and add a couple of splashes of red enchilada sauce.

Heat up a couple of corn tortillas, put on a scoop of meat, add onion, cilantro, and lime, until it all looks like this:


Enjoy, and remember, if you got the recipe from me, it’s bomb.