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My “Fleet Of White Cars”

This is the first time I’ve ever had them all together in the same city…. and it’s the last time, because off I go.


2018, Random

My Fleet Of White Cars

Some weird guy who obsesses over me said I have a “fleet of white cars.”  I guess I do.  Never thought of it like that. Just got my Land Rover back from the shop yesterday.  New sun roof and windshield.


Also got my 328i fully fixed, as well. Some people might think owning three cars is awesome but to me it’s expensive! Still, though, all these years later and still ballin.


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The Matching Cars I Drive While Traveling – Not At The Same Time, Silly

BMW 328i for long range and highway driving. Land Rover LR3 for snow and off-road travel.

The BMW is fast, has great passing power, and comfortable heated seats, for comfortable long range travel. The Land Rover is not as near as fast as the BMW but has more horsepower and is a beast off-road. Of the two cars, the Land Rover has a better stereo system, but the BMW goes 155 mph on command, so it’s a tough choice for which one I prefer.