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I Also Like To Buy Guitars And Record Music While I’m Traveling

White Ibanez Jem Jr. for recording guitar solos.


ESP LTD James Hetfield signature w/ EMG Het Set pickups, for recording rhythm guitars.


ESP LTD six string bass


One Gallon WD-40 “Canjo” slide guitar


Gibson SG


Basically, I can only travel until I fill my car completely up with guitars. Then, I have to go home, where I have most of the  following, sans the Les Paul and Master of Puppets guitar, which are soon being replaced.


Needless to say, when I get home I have my own recording studio, so I can do full productions of the songs I’ve demoed on the road.

This is what recording guitars in a hotel shower looks like.


So all of this travel isn’t pointless.  There’s a large thread of the active creation of various types of art, while I’m exploring the county, being newly inspired everywhere I go.

Travel is my muse.


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The Matching Cars I Drive While Traveling – Not At The Same Time, Silly

BMW 328i for long range and highway driving. Land Rover LR3 for snow and off-road travel.

The BMW is fast, has great passing power, and comfortable heated seats, for comfortable long range travel. The Land Rover is not as near as fast as the BMW but has more horsepower and is a beast off-road. Of the two cars, the Land Rover has a better stereo system, but the BMW goes 155 mph on command, so it’s a tough choice for which one I prefer.