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12/15/2017 Cruising Through The Cliffs Of Yosemite

Such a beautiful drive. It’s so amazing to have the freedom to freely explore my world.


3 thoughts on “12/15/2017 Cruising Through The Cliffs Of Yosemite”

  1. Isn’t it sad that people like Rob Hendrix will tell people like us how much they think Matt is a liar and confirm this with other journalists. In his defense, he says Matt is probably fucked up in the head from over use of drugs.


    1. All you can do is tweet a reply like this. That’s all you’ve got. No power, no money, no lawyer, no case, no credibility. We can admit to everything you believe has happened and look at how no one says a thing. You don’t get a single syllable of support or anyone believing you.

      This is the greatest. You have given us everything we wanted. You just will not stop and that’s even better. Keep going. We aren’t going to stop. We will never stop educating people about your past, your scams, and your toxic lies. We’re helping millions of Americans by stopping you.


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