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Havana Club Rum In Pacific Palisades


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  1. Thought you were in Iowa. I guess the House File 263 does not apply since you’re saying you are out of state. Doesn’t matter. The law would not apply since we have a legitimate purpose in tracking a man who publicly claimed to a journalist that he was a potential mass gun shooter.


      1. I’ll retain an imaginary attorney for the imagined lawsuits you think you are going to file.

        How’s the search going? Making public posts on Facebook are not smart. Good attorneys are not looking for clients on social media. You’re an idiot.

        You are being laughed at right now by over 20 lawyers we’ve already talked to in the greater Des Moines area. We’ve sent a warning to the bar association, using your previous attorneys as references as to why they should avoid working with you, unless they want to make a quick buck on a retainer while you incessantly email them and call them, blowing out $300 an hour on your own stupidity.


      2. All night long you proved our point. Adam has no idea how we used him. You played your part perfectly too. You even knew what we were doing and you did it all anyways. You are a dumb retard a really dumb retarded person.


      3. Guess what, our little trained monkey! We just got you to post images with hate speech against a protected class. The tweets have been reported and you are going to lose your new account.

        You make this too easy. Mostly because of how stupid you are.


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