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THC Infused Cakes At The Apothacary Shoppe In Vegas


8 thoughts on “THC Infused Cakes At The Apothacary Shoppe In Vegas”

      1. Your honor, let’s call to the stand all the people Matt sent batshit crazy emails to.

        Witness 1, does Matthew send completely crazy paranoid emails to you?


        Witness 2, did Matthew appear to be having some kind of mental breakdown in every single email he sent to you?


        Your honor, I do not think Matthew Berdyck is a very intelligent person and should be treated like a retarded witness.


      2. Expose our actions all you want. So far, no one believes we have done anything. Everyone believes us when we tell them what you did.

        Freaking out about is all you have left. Good. We enjoy watching your roll around on the floor making a fool of yourself. You kick and scream like this every time you lose, which is always.


      3. Can I speak to your supervisor? I’m not happy with the watered down trolling I’m getting today. It’s just… well. You seem like you don’t mean it.


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